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Auction: Wednesday 27th March 2024

Before you start

Please note, you will require the following information to complete your application. If you create an account, you can save your details at any time and come back to them to finish your application, but please ensure you submit your form at the end in order to proceed.

You will also need to register your debit card details with SagePay and complete an anti-money laundering (AML) check with Credas (if you are a new application or every 12 months if you already have an account) and a link will be sent to each party by email and text message.

  • Buying in your sole name – personal details and your debit card details.
  • Buying in joint names – personal details for each party/parties and your debit card details.
  • Bidding on behalf of someone else – a signed letter of authority, personal details for yourself and the purchaser(s) and your debit card details.
  • Funds being provided by a 3rd party (such as a relative i.e. not including a bank or financial institution) – personal details for each party and your debit card details.
  • Bidding on behalf of a company – certificate of incorporation, company registration number, personal details for yourself and all shareholders owning 25% or more share capital, and your debit card details. If you are not a shareholder listed on Companies House, you will also require a letter of authority signed by the majority shareholder(s).
  • Buying and you are a non-UK resident - personal details and details of your UK Solicitor (who must email us prior to the auction at to confirm that they have been instructed to act on your behalf). You will also be required to transfer your deposit (10% of your maximum bid subject to a minimum of £5,000) and the administration fee of £1,920 (inc. Vat) to our client account in cleared funds in advance of the auction (this will be refunded if you are unsuccessful which can take up to 10 working days).

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We recommend that you create an account so you can easily save your details and register for each auction. You can then simply check and submit your application and register your debit card details for each auction you wish to bid in.

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Please note that by saving and continuing with any stage of this application (even if you do not fully complete your form), your personal details and the details of any other parties named will be automatically saved and stored by Bond Wolfe in accordance with our privacy policy. If you do not make a purchase, you can request for your details to be deleted (although we cannot remove the information stored on SagePay’s secure servers, but your card details are encrypted and cannot be viewed in full by ourselves or anyone at SagePay).